Monday, December 20, 2010

Answering the call

"God shapes the heart of the leader through the call. This call is a divinely orchestrated setting apart of the leader for some special task. God's part of the call dynamic is to initiate, guide, position, and intervene. The leader's part of the call drama is to hear, respond, search, and order or re-order life."

Ohhhh my. The above quote is from a book I've had to read for Young Life New Staff training. It made me laugh so hard while reading. God is soooo all over every detail of my life it's ridiculous. The other day I was leaving Farmboy drive-in after hanging out with some high school kids and I just had to smile. I tried so hard to ignore what God wanted from my life at first. I tried so hard to be cool and hip and work at a sweet ad agency in Boise but it's not what I was designed for, I wasn't using my talents the best that I could. And all along, God was doing his part to get my attention. He stripped me of everything familiar (Portland, Salt Lake, my friends, etc.) and he moved me to IDAHO! Of all places, Idaho! Haha. God was guiding me and prompting me to get me in just the place that He wanted me to call me into a position with Young Life where I get the privilege of hanging out with high school kids, loving on them, being a part of their life and most importantly sharing with them a God who loves them so, so, so much! Ah! I love the way He intervenes in our lives, and I love that after a whoooole lot of God intervening, I answered the call. Man.

Just my thoughts for the day... :-)