Friday, April 3, 2009

So, I've been slacking...

... it's been a while. My apologies to those of you that read this... if there is anyone. I am sitting here in Diva's Coffee Shop. Love this place. It feels like such an Oregon-esque day today. All overcast, it was raining a bit earlier. I love it so much.

Yesterday, I was sitting on our couch, and I realized that I graduate in just one month. It hit me. Where in the world have these four years gone?! Seriously. I bought my cap and gown, my parents have purchased plane tickets for graduation, game, set, match, I'm gonna be done! It's such a weird feeling. The impending real world, or idea of the real world is crazy.

I really don't have anything super profound to share with you right now, more just a feeling that I needed to update this blog. I've been awful at keeping it up to date. I'll try better. I've run out of words though... and I need a shower.